We will be doing things differently. Started a new nonprofit 501(c)(3). In application process.  Called Volusia Flagler lacrosse.

Number one

discuss new structure of VFL. There is a board. 
Brian Milligan is the president.
Chris Cantanno is vice president.
I am director.
Josh Gray is compliance and safety officer.

Number two.

We have two positions that need to be filled on the board. Secretary. And treasurer.
If you are interested please send a note to volusiaflaglerlacrosse.com

Number three.

We do not know exact start dates, practice times, etc.  We would like to start June 15 but will need to wait for fields to open and for guidance from US LAcrosse.  We will not be having practice until we have guidance from US Lacrosse.
In addition the fields have not been opened yet. I personally will not allow practice if I don’t feel that it is safe.
It will most likely have a phased in approach, but it is still unclear.

Number four.

Summer structure will be similar to last year. We will have a much smaller participation fee, probably 50 or $75.
However, if we have a team that wants to go into a tournament those individuals will be asked to pay an extra fee to register for the tournament.
 Each team costs $1300 for a tournament. Therefore, we are going to wait and see if we have enough interested parents.

The fall, Winter, spring will most likely be a different experience. We will likely have more of a recreational league program with a possibility of a additional club team for those that want more advanced learning and practice times.

Communication is going to be through TeamReach, so if you have not gotten on TeamReach you need to do it now. Soon there will be a new Facebook page, but it will not be the way we communicate. We will communicate through TeamReach.

EVERY STUDENT AND COACH WILL NEED TO HAVE A MEMBERSHIP NUMBER FROM US LACROSSE TO PARTICIPATE.  ONCE YOUR CHILD HAS THE NUMBER THEY THEN NEED TO REGISTER ON volusiaflaglerlacrosse.com website.  We will then send a message back to you that you are registered.  

We will update via teamreach app or website.  We will no long