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Our Mission

VFL is a nonprofit organization (in application for 501c3) that serves to increase youth participation in Lacrosse.  Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and played in over 500 colleges and universities.  In addition there is over 200,000 high school participants.  We believe that Lacrosse provides a unique opportunity for young men and women to develop essential life skills in a competitive environment.


Our team

Board of Directors
President:  Brian Milligan
Vice President:  Chris Cantanno
Treasurer:  Aleksandra Gomon
Secretary:  Brian Bogdanowicz
Compliance/Safety Officer:  Joshua Gray
Executive Director VFL:  Brian Bogdanowicz
Board Member: Andrew Lyon
Board Member: Tom Morgello

Joshua Gray

Head Coach 12U and 10U


Jim Sweeney

Assistant Coach


Brian Milligam

Assistant Coach 14U

Volusia County resident since 1999

I have lived a life of public service, first joining the Air Force National Guard in 1995 thru 1999. I have been in Law Enforcement in the Volusia county area from 1999 to the Present (Currently part time). I have also had several service based businesses in Volusia County since 2001 and am currently now of the owners of Air One Heating and Cooling Inc., based out of Ormond Beach. I have earned a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Keiser College and hold many professional certifications throughout my many years in Law Enforcement. I am happily married with three great children, who are in a variety of different after school activities. I have had the honor and privilege of coaching my children in Youth Basketball with the YMCA (1yr), Youth Football with Popwarner (3yrs) and Lacrosse with the Catholic Youth Sports League (1yr) and Volusia County Lacrosse (1yr). I played Football and Lacrosse in high school and love both sports for both there mental and physical discipline. Education and quality of life comes first in my book, I believe that a focus on education and being a good person at home, in public and on the field are essential traits to being a better athlete. I truly enjoy watching our children learn and grow together in the name of sportsmanship, teamwork and friendship. I am excited for our new venture with Volusia Flagler Lacrosse (VFL) and look forward to growing this awesome sport for our community, see you on the field. 

Brian Bogdanowicz

Head Coach 14U

Brian is a father to four boys and a husband to a beautiful and amazing wife.  He played high school and college lacrosse before deciding to go into sports medicine.  His goal is "to put sticks in hands" and hopes to see several high schools develop lacrosse programs in Volusia county.  He is the Director of VFL and will also be coaching the 14U team.   He was an assistant coach at Sweet Home High School and coached several age groups for Volusia County Lacrosse.  

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